Bands and Facebook

Bands and Facebook

Getting the most out of your brands Facebook

As Facebook continues its dominance in the social network realm, many bands are feeling a bit lost when it comes to promoting their music on the Facebook platform. With the latest changes of Facebook Timeline, one being the cover photo, the need to make your band’s timeline compelling, fun, authentic and most importantly, to represent the musical personality and style of your band, is now more important than ever.  Included in this article, I give you a step-by-step guide about what you should consider to ensure that you are presenting your fans with the best social experience.

Bands Facebook: A Step-by-step Guide:

Facebook Page

  • Dimension Sizes:
  • Cover Photo- 850px wide and 315px height
  • Custom Page Apps (Tabs)- 110px x 74px
  • Ensure that your page is an Artist, Band or Public Figure

You can check this in the admin area by going to:

  • Manage
  • Edit Page
  • Basic Information – Check the appropriate Group and Category
  • Vanity URL (i.e.
  • Page TITLE (i.e. [Band Name] = [City/Location]
  • Profile INFO (Include primary keyword phrases and location. Short and to the point)

**Make sure to include your Website link in the About Area, (the area underneath your over image and profile picture) this is the only space near the top where you can actually include a clickable and direct link to your Website.
Custom Page Apps Tabs
The custom page apps or “tabs” are now under your Cover photo, to the right, with thumbnail images.

Example Apps to use:

Choose Customized tabs (under Facebook Cover Photo)

NOTE: If you choose an events tab, you cannot change the thumbnail image (tab).
The photo tab is fixed and cannot be changed or moved.   It is set up to show the most recent photo you have uploaded to your page.  There are 3 other tabs that can be customized to fit your Facebook and readers needs.  To the right of the images you’ll notice a drop down arrow.  Click on this and all of your tabs are now displayed for you to edit and move around.  To edit your tabs, scroll over with your mouse and the “pencil” button will appear in the top right corner.

To move the position of a particular tab, simply click on the “pencil” icon in that tab and choose the new tab you want to be in that position.

For example, if one of the current featured tabs shows the number of Facebook likes, you can choose to swap its position with your events tab.

***YOU WANT THE 3 featured tabs to be the most relevant for your readers***

To edit the image that appears for the tab, click on “edit settings” then choose “change” next to the custom tab image. This is where you can upload a new custom image to use in replace of the default image.

Custom Tab Image: 111 x 74px AND don’t forget to change the Custom Tab Name

Keep in mind if you have an Events tab, you cannot change the image. The one that will appear as the thumbnail image will be the last image you uploaded in your event. If you do not like the current image, edit your event and upload a new image.

Right Fixed Column (Friend Activity)
Under your Custom Page Apps, you have your right hand column where friend activity is shown.  Your readers will see the faces and number of their friends that already like your page.   Under that, if any of their friends have mentioned your page, it will appear next.  You have little control over this section, but if you can “hide” or “delete” mentions if you deem them inappropriate or negative to your brand.  Try to do this soon after they are published.



You’ll notice in your status update bar, you now have a “Milestones” option.  You can create Milestone stories, such as your founding date, and other big accomplishments like hitting a notable number of readers.


Pinning Posts
You now have the ability to “pin” a post to the top of your timeline.  Use this feature for a post you want to drive more traffic to, or increase engagement. Again, use the “pencil” in the top right corner of the post and then click on “pin to top”. Pinned posts will remain at the top for 7 days unless you change it manually.

Highlighting Posts
To highlight a post, you can click on the “star” in the top right hand corner of the post.  This will expand the post the full width of the page.  You can do this with as many posts as you want.  Go back through your page and highlight videos or important information that you don’t want your readers to miss.

Including all of these activities on your bands Facebook timeline will prove to be a more effective and engaging experience not just for your fans, but also for you as a band as well.  Ultimately, the best advice that I can give for your bands Facebook page is to be creative, be unique and show that through your custom built images.