Doing Social Media Right

Social Media is a great resource for small business owners, to connect with customers. But one of the biggest mistakes we see small business owners make is trying to get so many followers without even having a strategy.

If you are on any Social Media platform, whether that be, Facebook ,Twitter or Pinterest you need to have a strategy, a purpose if you will of why you are on.

Throughout our experience we have come to believe that there are four major reasons why a small business should embark on a Social Media Strategy.

1. Brand maintenance –

listening and responding.  Being on Facebook is not merely enough. You must listen to what your customers want and need. Keeping up on responding to their comments, questions and mentions is far more important than sharing your update.

2. Community management –

participating in and nurturing communities.  Finding where your customers are and being apart of that on and off of Social Media will give you the uniqueness customers are looking for.  People want to know their comments and interactions are valued and important. Are you making sure that they know that?

3. Influencer outreach –

targeting and engaging with relevant influencers.  You can be an expert, unless you spend time with the expert.  Finding others who are like minded, and have a bit more experience and talent with you is not a bad thing.  Get to know them, talk with them, ask them questions.

4. Reputation management –

thought leadership and reputation work.  Social Media is a place for your customers (or not) to praise or complain.  Make sure you are in the know, so that you can follow up with EVERYTHING that is said about you and your brand.

Which category is your small business in? If you don’t know, sit down and evaluate your current set up! Do you have a following? Do people engage? Do you even have a Social Media plan?

All these questions will help aid your efforts on being Social with your current and potential fans.

What category does your business fit in? Do you have any questions on how to be more effective? Leave a comment or email us!