Give Your Customers What They Want

It’s About Your Audience

Giving The Customers What They Want

No matter what!
I have come to believe that the World Wide Web is like a fast food restaurant.  We, as the consumers, want to get in and get out.  If we wait too long in line, we get annoyed, very quickly and the Internet is no different.  No longer are we, as brands, trying to GET the attention of the customer but we need to start GIVING the attention to the customer.

Focusing our energies on speaking our customer’s language is extremely vital in today’s Internet world.   When your customers come to you they do not want a murder mystery, they want to be able to get in, get what they want and get out.  The most important thing YOU as a small business can do is give them what they expect. And I have two very simple actions that can be taken in order to start the change from business minded to customer minded.

Taking time to really investigate and get to know your customers will get you started in the right direction.  Beginning with the need, instead of the what, is imperative to your customers, and if you can’t answer the need, they will quickly go find someone who can.

Any content whether that be video, blog post, articles or even a status update, that you decide to put up on your Website or Social space needs to be evaluated. This will ensure that you are truly speaking to your customers needs.   This is what the customers want and  you will find that by doing so will benefit you in engaging with your customer.  You cannot generalize your information anymore, it is time to start creating lean, mean customer centric content.

One of the most profound statements that I have come across is the  importance of writing good links and using the words of your customers.

A link is a promise. If you have a call to action that brings them to a page that does not correlate with that call to action, you have lost them.

Using the words that your customers are using will bring you closer to your customer, not to mention the benefits that it can bring to being found in search engines.

If you take nothing away from this post, remember this IT IS ABOUT YOUR customer! Do as your customer wants, not as you want!