The Good And The Bad To Know When Creating Video

The Good AND Bad with Creating Video

There are some absolutely great videos out there that people have created. They are fun to watch, engaging…there is a reason, a purpose if you will for the video.

There are also some really bad videos out there, and not just in production quality but in ‘what’s the point’ type of bad.

It is not really about the good and/or bad in the quality of the video production (that’s another post, read Your Video Just Might Suck) it’s about creating a video that has a point, that answers your customers problem.

Including Video is simply another avenue for your past, current, and potential customers to have their problem answered. The product or services that your customers may need can be explained, talked about and even given away through the use of video.

We’re not in the business of creating a video just because it’s cool, or it’s the new hot thing to do in a business marketing effort. We create video because the story that your business is putting out there can be captured for an audience visually, simply, and with a purpose.

Questions to ask yourself before deciding to create (or have someone create) a video for your business.

  • Does it help tell my brands story?
  • Is there a point, a purpose for the video?
  • What kind of video do you want?
  • Does this video answer my current/potential customers problem?

The most important question to ask before deciding to include video, is “Why?”

Why am I making this video?

If your video doesn’t have a purpose, you shouldn’t create it. It is a waste of time, money, and investment without a plan or a purpose.

There should be specific reasons why you create a video.

  • Building brand awareness
  • Educating your customers
  • Show your company culture and creativity
  • Employee Training

If your video doesn’t appear to fit into one of the above categories then take a step back and re-evaluate your strategy. It’s pretty important to have a plan, a purpose and goals when creating a video. If you don’t have this direction, it will not be easy to measure your project’s success or even failure.

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