So You Want To Hire a Tri cities Videographer

Hire a Tri cities Videographer / Editor

Looking for video services but not sure what to do or even where to start, or even what to expect? Don’t sweat it. We’re gonna lay it out for you, in what you can expect, when you hire a Tri cities Videographer / Editor.

Typically how we like to start our prospects with is to set up a meeting. Whether this be at a coffee shop, at your place of business, or over the phone. During the chat we have a check list and take notes. We want to deliver you with the best product for the best price. The more we know, the better we can tell you exactly the costs behind an amazing video.

The cost of production depends on a variety of requirements for your particular needs: duration, location, voice over or presenter, actors, videography, titles, graphics, script, animations, music,
format, delivery, distribution, production design, audio design, packaging design, etc.

Below we have outlined 4 distinct steps we take in creating your video, and for what to prepare for when you hire us as your Tri Cities Videographer.

[dropcap style=”no-background”] 4 [/dropcap] STEPS TO CREATING YOUR VIDEO:


STEP 1 Consultation:

It’s important to know what your objectives for the video are. In a 1 hour FREE* consultation we will sit down and examine your video idea and see what we need to pull it all together. There are many types of video: advertisements, documentaries, testimonials, etc. and many ways to treat the production such as comedy, drama, music. After our initial meeting we will provide a time limited quote that encompasses a variety of price options based on the consultation within 48 hours.

STEP 2 Pre-Production:

When you give us the green light we schedule the project and gather all the assets needed, such as scripts, talent, music, locations and produce storyboards. At that time you will be required to pay 50% of the agreed upon production price, sign an agreement outlining what both parties will be responsible for, and when. (**you pay 100% of all the production assets.)

STEP 3 Production:

We begin shooting, editing, and produce drafts. Throughout this process we will continue communication with you to ensure the project objectives are met.

STEP 4 Enjoy your video:

Final payment and then delivery of the final product video.

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*As long as we are meeting within 25 miles of the Tri cities, we will gladly meet you. Otherwise the 1 hour Free consultation will occur over the phone or via email. Also, consultations requiring more than an hour are subject to charge.

**Sometimes people want to use copyright materials in their production (i.e. music, photos). The right to use those material assets, location fees etc. must be secured before production can begin. Essentially you pay for the production asset and/or the expenses involved in the collection of the asset.


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