How A Videographer Should View The World

Videography and Your View

“If you are a videographer and don’t see the world through a viewfinder even when the camera isn’t in front of you then you may need to check your motivation.”

This was a quote that was posted on our Separating Eternity’s Facebook page the other day. I came up with it in a rather pithy, sarcastic sort of way aimed at a couple of people I know who call themselves “professionals”…but in reality they hide behind the automatic settings on their equipment and really do it just for the money and status.

This profession is not glamorous…it does not always pay the bills…it does not always bring you the recognition you deserve. Now that the truth is out there, let me explain what it DOES do…it allows you to tell stories…to expose the world in different ways…to take what is in your mind’s eye and share it. It is ART! It is not about the equipment you use to capture it…it’s about the story you capture and the different perspectives and angles you use to tell that story. It’s not about the new transitions or effects you received with your new software…it’s about using those transitions and effects to emphasize your story…not cover up your shitty camera work.

It’s about driving down the road and seeing a sunset that stops you…that you mentally see through a viewfinder…that you visualize capturing and telling a story with…even if your camera isn’t right next to you at that moment. Most of us have seen incredible sunsets…what sets videographers and photographers apart from the general population is we want to find a way to capture that moment so it doesn’t just become a memory.

Are you seeing the world this way?

If not, sell your equipment and move on…you’ll just be wasting everyone’s time.