A New Year Bring Changes for this Tricities Business

A New Year Brings Changes to this Tricities business. And we are excited. We love what we do, Video, Social Media; and love that we get to work with some pretty awesome clients coming into 2015. Clients like the Tricity Americans and Tricity Fever. Not to mention other awesome people in the Tricities, like Life Coach Paul Casey.

[dropcap style=”background”] W [/dropcap]e are humbled and honored that we have been chosen to create their videos for the new year and can not wait to see what 2015 continues to bring.

Not only to we get the opportunity to work with such great clients, but we will be starting on our renovation to our office within the next couple of weeks. We have an entire suite that will be dedicated to what we do, where we can work on editing as well as videography needs that our clients will need. Pretty soon we will have a place set up to where clients can come to us to have their videos recorded, watch in the editing process and so much more.

 The way we see it there is only one way but up for us. And we are thoroughly excited to bring you the best videography and social media services. 

So heres to new changes! Happy New Year.

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