Painting and Video

Painting and Video Production Go Together Like…

Over the next few posts I am going to quickly touch on the main “parts” of putting together a good video. Those parts are pre-production, production, and post-production. Each one is as important to the process as the next and each one brings its own challenges. For the sake of keeping things as organized as possible, we’ll take them in the (usual) order that they are tackled in the process.

We begin our journey with Pre-Production

Are you a big fan of taking the time to tape up and cover everything you need to before you start painting a bare wall? No? Well, neither are we! We would much rather jump right into painting the wall and see the changes happening to the blank canvas. Did you splash onto the furniture? Who cares!?!? We’ll worry about that later. Paint on the windows and all over the bare floor? Not a problem…it’s nothing a little water, soap, and elbow grease can’t clean up. The problem is (as most of us have probably experienced), if prep work isn’t done correctly, the clean up becomes double or even triple the time it would have taken to simply set up the area correctly.

Pre-production is…setting up correctly.

A lot of people have great ideas. And so may of those ideas need to come to life. But if you’re just shooting from the hip when it comes to making a video, the results will show it most of the time. Did you realize the pre-production process on a feature film can take years? Luckily for most of the videos that you may be interested in creating, the time involved with pre-production is going to be much less. But, you are still going to want to plan on at least a few hours of scripting out your idea, possibly putting together some rough storyboards, scouting out locations you are interested in filming at, and putting together a comprehensive shot list that will allow your production day(s) to go as smoothly as possible. It’s tedious, it can be overwhelming… but it is really important in saving time throughout the entire process. And of course…time is money.

Pre-Production and Changes

Let me add one more important note to all of this. Don’t think because you have all these plans set out that you can’t change things up a bit when you get to production and post-production. Some of the best shots we have captured have been ones that were not planned out. Remember, life is a trip and you are free to go off-road sometimes…the same holds true for creating media. Don’t forget to have fun and be creative in the process.

That’s all I have for now. Next time we’ll talk “production”…where the rubber meets the road. Be well!

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