Video Production

Video Pre- Production

Video Pre-production is the planning stage of your video and occurs before the camera starts rolling. At Separating Eternity we have hands on experience creating and developing video scripts, storyboards and finding the right location! We will provide all necessary equipment for your video needs while staying within your budget.

During Pre- Production Separating Eternity will work personally with you to ensure that your ideas come to life to make a great impact for your business.  Starting with a storyboard which is essentially a timeline of your video.  Using a storyboard allows you to see what the scene will look like.

Various aspects of Separating Eternity’s Video Pre-production include:

  • Develop concept
  • Identify your audience
  • Determine what’s the story you’re trying to tell
  • Define what will make the video a success and how you will measure success (online viewers? viewer feedback? etc.)
  • Choose where (and on what page) your video will be posted
  • Create a timeline for completion
  • Create storyboard / script

Separating Eternity has the experience and expertise to see your video needs come to life, starting with video pre- production services.

 Video Production Services

Giving the Tri cities a full service video production company that is attentive to the detail in all things video.  Our Video Production Services include:

  • problem identification and analysis
  •  message design (problem solution)
  • concept development (treatment)
  • scripting
  • media production
  • quality audio and video
  • graphics/animation
  • narration
  • producing/directing
  • audio and video editing
  • high quality, professional crews & equipment
  • personalized direction & coaching

Our Video Production Services are tailored specifically to each budget and time restraints  We realize that every business in the Tri cities have their own situations and we will provide video production services for your business at a reasonable and affordable cost.

Video Post Production Services

With Separating Eternity video post production services, or also known as video editing, is where we make the magic happen.  Whether you already have video footage or need to take advantage of our full service video production packages, we will get the job done right for you.

Our video post production services will make your ideas come to life. From editing the footage, your photos or other media into a professional product that sends the message to your audience . Your input and involvement will be vital through the entire process, from rough cut to the approved final cut.

Video Post Production Services include:

  • Consists of editing
  • Special Effects
  • Graphics
  • Sound sweetening
  • Virtual set creation
  • Music
  • Video Rendering
  • Sound effects
  • Video Compression
  • Titling
  • Web upload
  • DVD

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