Social Video Is So Important For Your Small Business

Social Video Is So Important

Video is the New Photo.

According to Socialbakers, social video has the biggest organic reach on Facebook at 8.7% compared to 5.8% for status updates. So why would you NOT want to invest in creating video for your social media networks.

Now depending on your brand, there are a variety of different videos that you could showcase such as:

  • To educate
  • Answer Questions
  • Do a product review
  • Tell a story
  • Answer questions
  • Debunk Myths
  • Take your viewers behind the scenes
  • Testimonials

There is so much that you can do with video that will be relevant and important to your current and potential customers. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t incorporate video just to have it. There needs to be a plan, or purpose for that video.

We have done a variety of videos such as Customer Testimonials, a Video enhancement to our local Arena Football teams pregame show, a DVD coaching series, and a fun holiday video. There was a purpose behind every one.

Visual Content is a good thing. More times than not you hear people say that they are visual learners. They ‘need’ to see it, to believe it. The use of video on your social media account and website attracts more attention, increases the number of visits, has higher social share and it’s easier to remember. With YouTube being the 2nd most popular search engine (after Google) Video needs to be a part of your social media content strategy. It just must.

We have an amazing opportunity to deliver informative content visually to our customers – through how to’s, stories, product demos, among others.

[dropcap style=”no-background”] 90% [/dropcap] of online shoppers find video on a major retailer’s site helpful to their purchasing decision.

Video is not about reaching a vast amount of customers, it’s about reaching the right customers. Some of the most important factors that we can use to determine the success of a video is if it is genuine and is fitting to your customers.

If you’re not using video, why not? What’s stopping you?

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