Stop Cross Posting Between Social Networks

Stop Cross Posting Between Social Networks

It’s 2015. Will you please Stop Cross Posting Between Social Networks.

Stop. Just. Please. Stop. Do you know how lazy, annoying and inept you look when you have your ‘scheduled’ messages post from Facebook to Twitter, to Google+ to … you get my point. It’s lazy and dumb.

It’s also a terrible way to share your content. And it just does not work. There are platform specific features that only apply to each social media network (example: Like on Facebook, RT on Twitter, Plus on Google+), not to mention the negative perception it can give when you do so.

If you have a tweet that says,

‘Like this post if….” how am I supposed to like your tweet? I can favorite it. Is that what you mean?

Or what about a really cool article you came across and ‘you add your own comments about it and it is cut…′ <— see what I did there? Not sure what more I was going to say, because you’re not on Facebook. You are on Twitter.

And another one of my pet peeves, is seeing a pretty cool article, and I click on it a little hastily (yes, I am usually very careful to pay attention if you cross posted content) and I get taken to your Google+ account. Where I have to click the same article again, because you couldn’t take the extra 2 seconds to post it directly to Twitter, or Facebook.

I get that you’re busy. We all are. We all have far too much that we want to cram in to the short amount of hours that we get throughout the day. But at what expense?

If you really have too much to do, maybe you should take a social media network off your plate, and focus your energies elsewhere.

Cool articles and pictures you want to share can all be shared across all the platforms on your social media networks, just not simultaneously. Cross promote, just don’t cross post.

By cross promoting, share the same information, just make sure that you are tailoring that message that conveys to the network you’re sharing the information too.

If you disagree, ask yourself this…do you really want to read tweets on Facebook? or Facebook posts on Google +? or Instagram pics on Twitter? If you did, don’t you think you’d be on that social network instead?