Life As A Social Media Manager and Other Stuff.

Life As A Social Media Manager

The Life As A Social Media Manager

I love my job. I love working as a Social Media Manger for our business. Utilizing Social Media as one of our key marketing tactics for our Video Production company has been a great asset and we have seen some great things happen all because of the use of Social Media.

Not only do I manage our own business’ Social Media and online presence, I have a hand in several local businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the year.

I’ll be honest, as glamorous and ‘easy’ as my job may seem, it really isn’t for the most part. Yes, I get to work from home, and sort of / kind of work around our crazy life schedule. But for the most part, in my opinion, a truly great Social Media Manager lives, breathes, sleeps, eats and well… you get my point, Social Media.

Social Media, as I am sure you are very well aware of, is non-stop.

At any given time of the day, someone can (and will) post about your business, comment on an update (past or present) or leave a review. And most people who post comments, questions, and the like expect to receive a response that exact same day. If the comment left is a complaint or a negative review towards your business you have even less time to respond without making matters worse.

It’s important to take the time to carefully plan for all interactions that happen throughout a given day, and be prepared to respond. If you’re doing Social Media on your own, it’s even more important for you to keep in mind that Social Media often times acts as customer service, and the customer service problem will require additional time and support. So be absolutely sure that you do not put off responding to the customer’s message.

As a Social Media Manager I typically spend my time doing a lot of research about the industry, learning tips and tricks of the trade, and listening to what people are saying. I take time to craft content that will work for the business, and ensure that it is relevant to what we are doing.

[dropcap style=”no-background”]L[/dropcap]ife as a Social Media Manager is time consuming and here’s what a typical day is like for me:


[infobox style=”alert-success”] 7am – 12pm

Email Check: It is the FIRST thing I do every morning. While I sleep, other people always seem to be up and at em!

Reply / Retweet: I check alerts for mentions and the like, and address them all. I interact with people that are talking relevant interesting stuff that relates to the brand. (Often times, just interacting with potential customers, saying hello, or replying to others tips and tricks is so important).

Organize: photos that have been taken, review my content/status templates,

Post: Upload current pictures to Instagram, Pinterest, Status Updates to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ -Scan: Articles, various news sites, favorite blogs and videos.

Brainstorming: Get creative, find what works and what has not worked. Adjust.

Follow Up: Check in with the boss about different marketing tactics that have been pitched a few weeks ago, send reminder messages about deadlines and the like. [/infobox]

[infobox style=”alert-info”] 12pm – 5pm

Lunch: Sort of get a lunch break, but again, I have my nifty iPhone with me at all times, so at a moments notice of a Retweet, or Comment to a post, I am right there to reply and interact. *Not to mention the opportunity to grab a bit with someone in the same industry, to talk shop, meetings with potential clients/customers.

Write: Blog posts, I get to be creative, write blogs, content for status updates, which are strategically placed and timed to where the highest amount of interactions we have had over the last week, I get to use Photoshop, Excel, and Safari for a ton of research of changes happening to each of these networks.

Post: Upload current pictures to Instagram, Pinterest, Status Updates to Twitter, Facebook, Google+

Review and Listen: Traffic, Analytics, Bounce Rates, and other fun metrics for each social media platform and website

Check Email. [/infobox]

[infobox style=”alert-error”] 5pm -Sleep

Dinner: I do my ABSOLUTE best to put ALL electronics on silent and away from so I can enjoy a somewhat, not work related evening, to enjoy family dinner, chit chat about the day, hear funny stories or catch up on some favorite TV shows, that have been sitting in the queue for a very long time.

Scan: Articles, various news sites, favorite blogs and videos.

Schedule Tweets: For those early morning peeps. I have yet to jump on the bandwagon of scheduling tweets, or posts overnight. I find that if I am sleeping…. I am sleeping.

Email: One last check before snooze. [/infobox]


As you can see, it is a never ending cycle. One that varies from day to day, and can change depending on the business that I am working with that month. And I love every minute of it. Being a Social Media Manager is fun, where I can be creative, innovative and be there for the potential clients and customers.