Social Media Isn’t About You


Social Media Isn’t About You

Using social media isn’t about you, it’s about your customers. All too often I hear businesses complain that their posts aren’t reaching more fans, or post status updates that consist of:

“If you want to make sure you are still getting updates, hover over the “liked” button and click get notifications. If you don’t, you may not get updates in a timely manner. In other words, you will miss contests, sales, etc.”

Now while this is true in a sense, (and we’ve even posted updates like this), what we all need to remember is Social Media isn’t about you, it’s about your customers and those customers knowing when and where and how to get in touch with you.

You need to remember these 3 little tips to make sure that you are using Social Media in the best possible way for your customers. (Again, not for you).

  1. Don’t Sell (too much): People (like you and me) joined social media to connect and interact with other people, friends and family. We don’t want to see promotion after promotion of what your business is selling. Or what a great deal you have going on that week. Rather tell a story. Share with your followers what is happening behind the scenes and let them see that you are relatable, interesting and are a real person behind the brand. It’s not just about making a buck or two, but about creating a culture of people who will remember your interaction when they need your product or service.
  2. Build Relationships: Take the time to learn about your social media followers through engaging in conversations. Ask about what they do, what they like, why they like it. Don’t be hesitant to be silly and joke around. Do the things you do in real life that grows connections and relationships. Your business needs to be human, because you are dealing with humans. Every industry is different, but if you can listen, learn and engage, you will know what it is that the followers are after when they choose to follow you.
  3. Be Social, Don’t “Do” Social: Being Social and Doing Social are two different things. One is what you do when you are on your own personal Facebook page. The other, well it’s those business pages that have posting of their sales every hour. One is genuine, the other is forced. Being social creates a community, it invites other’s to be a part of your brand. Your followers expect you to be social with them. Posting a status update or tweet every couple of days won’t get you very far with your followers. But commenting on their post to your page, or review left (in a positive manner) will say far more about how you are as a business owner than anything else.

Social Media is NOT about YOU. It will always be about your followers. What they do. What they are interested in. And what they want.

Social Media and Customer Complaints

Social Media and Customer Complaints

Social Media and Customer Complaints

Social Media has become a place where customers are taking their comments, experiences, and often times complaints to. According to Edison Research, 42% of consumers complaining in Social Media expect a 60 minute response time.

Are you ready to handle customer complaints, however true or false they may be? If not, you better be, because if not done correctly, it will do more damage than good.

Ignoring Social Media Complaints is a Huge Mistake

When someone uses social media (or any public review site such as Yelp) to complain about your business, your first urge may be to ignore it or even to scare the consumer into removing the complaint. Think carefully before taking either of these actions. Both of these actions can cause more harm than good, and a defensive reaction often times causes more negative publicity than desired.

Take a breather in the event that a negative complaint comes your way and bite your tongue. You  must think of the larger picture and remember that it’s one persons experience. And it’s up to you to ensure that their experience is acknowledged and handled appropriately.

Here are a few tips to consider when dealing with Social Media and Customer Complaints.

  • Reach out directly to those customer complaints. I typically leave a comment to their initial comment and first apologize for their experience. After all it is their personal feelings in the matter. Then ask them to email you or send a message back to get more details. Very rarely will you get the entire story. So make sure that you are making an effort to find the truth. A polite and positive response can come as such a surprise to a customer’s complaint that it can help to change the perception of the customer.
  • Do not delay your response. Act immediately. The longer you put it off the greater chance that the customer will complain in other places, to other people. Let me remind you that word of mouth is the strongest marketing tactic ever.
  • Whoever is handling your business’s social media needs to have the same services skill and training as any traditional customer service representative. Social media responsiveness is customer service, plain and simple. Be customer minded when dealing with anyone who interacts with your Social Media accounts.
  • Avert social media complaints in the first place. If your business is actively engaged on social media, and your team is quick to step up to negative issues on the store front, in the first place, the chances of the customer(s) posting a complaint on social media is less. Customers whose experience is less than positive are not immediately inclined to post negative comments or poor reviews on your social media if they know that when they call their issues will get handled.

Bottom line…Social Media and Customer Complaints happen and could very well happen to you. Make sure that you take initiative in reaching out to them, and giving them the best damn customer service experience you can. And when you respond to a customers complaint on social media, remember it is public. So keep it consistent, sincere and simple.

Let me leave you with the final social media rule that we fully believe in:

Unless there is profanity or a threat, don’t delete a negative comment just because you don’t like it. Doing this can erase the authenticity, (authenticity drives your credibility) away from your page and makes you look like you’re hiding something. If you delete, your social community will call you out. Let others see your consistency, your sincerity, and the dedicated way you are willing to try to rectify customers complaints.

Social Media is Happening

Social Media is Happening to your business

Social Media is Happening to your Brand Whether you like it or Not.

Social Media is Happening.

I don’t think we can say it enough. Social Media has become an integral part of our business and I know it is (or at least should be) an important part in your business. And it can make [or destroy] your business in a heartbeat.

There are a lot of people who will tell you what you should be doing on social media, such as: don’t sell, show a peek behind the scenes, be careful what you say about other businesses etc, don’t promote too aggressively, and the list goes on and on.

There is a lot to know, about what to do and what not to do when it comes to your business.

And there is no, one size fits all, that will work exactly the same way, every time. There are a lot of local businesses in the Tri cities that are on Social Media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But there are a lot of these businesses that do not have a real strategy. What is the point of being on Facebook, if you do not have a strategy or purpose.

[dropcap style=”no-background”] O [/dropcap]ur purpose, is to let you (the customer) know that we are here for you at any time. (Well, almost anytime, if it’s 3am in the morning, I can almost guarantee you that I will be sleeping, soundly in bed, but I will be there when I wake up at 7am-ish).

Our strategy on Social Media is to share with you the things that we absolutely love to do, whether that be through tips about video and social media, or pictures of us behind the scenes, working with some pretty cool and fun clients. Our strategy is not to make money off of Social Media. And if that is your strategy, then you really need to re-think that purpose.

At the end of the day, yes we hope that we get more clients, We wouldn’t be in business if we didn’t want to get more clients. But we believe that by showing you that we are readily available to you and that we are human beings behind the brand, then you’ll be that much more confident in choosing us for your next video project.

We have come to believe in this and see that it does work. Yes, in our experience (and humble opinion), being human is the big secret. Letting your current, and potential clients know that you are a human, who is fun, creative and real. Social Media is happening. As a business on Social Media, it is all trial and error. Some things work, some don’t. But be on it. Be ready for that customer or client that wants to take the next step and get to know you, and possibly do business with you.

It’s all about them. They are the reason why you do what you do!