DIY Video VS Professional Video


Pros & Cons of DIY Video VS Professional Video

There’s a lot to be said when it comes to video. I’ve written quite a bit about the importance of having video included in your marketing strategies, and with so many statistics to back up the reasons why video is the way to go, I think a huge question that we have been asked over and over is, should I hire a professional, or can I do it myself?

[dropcap style=”no-background”] T [/dropcap]There really is no simple answer to that question. As business owners ourselves we understand the costs that come into play when doing any marketing for ones business. If you were to ask me, I’d say go with a pro. But that’s not to say that you can’t DIY your video wants with certain things.

For instance, looking to add a fun quirky video that shows the behind the scenes of your business or brand. I say go for it and do it yourself. Instagram offers 15 sec clips to showcase who you are behind the business. No one knows your business the way you do. No one can share in the passion the way you will about your own business.

When it comes to your brand, your business, what do you want people to see? How do you want to portray your business? Professionally? Or a do it yourself? Either decision is not necessarily wrong. It’s all on how you want your business to look.

Do I DIY my videos or get a professional?

Doing It Yourself:
-Nobody will care about your video more than you will.
-It can be less expensive.
-It can be faster depending on your schedule.

-It will be more difficult than you realize. Creating video of even ‘moderate’ quality is a complicated, time consuming project.
-Doing it yourself won’t necessarily save you money. (depending on software, equipment, not to mention time. And let’s be honest. Time is Money).
-Video production can distract you from your other responsibilities. And that could be bad.

Professional Video:
-The end results will almost always produce a better quality (pros are pros for a reason).
-Typically, video pros will take care of storyboarding, script writing, media production, audio, video, producing, directing, editing, special effects, graphics, titling, music video rendering etc.
-Not only are they pros at video production, they also have a knack for marketing. The expertise they have, give them the insight to accurately analyze and tell your business/brand’s story in a way you could only have hoped for.

-Professional Video can be expensive. Depending on the scope of your video idea it can range in the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to produce.
-It could be difficult to find a professional to create a video within the time limits you want or need it.

When To Hire For A Professional Video

Curious as to when it would be better to hire a pro? We recommend that choosing a professional video company comes into play when you are needing to make a solid first impression. These include:

-Home Page (Introductions)
-Explainer videos
-About page
-Live Events

At the end of the day only you can answer the question of whether to go DIY Video vs Professional Video. The expectations that your audience wants, the image that you are striving for and what message you’re wanting to send all play a factor.

Think that having a professional video created is out of your budget? Why not send us an email. Our goal is to provide local business owners an exceptional quality video at an affordable price. We work within your budget to ensure that you receive the best possible video for your business.

Including Video For Your Tri-Cities Business


Is It Time For You To Start Including Video For Your Tri-Cities Business?

During the last several years we have seen an increase in video for businesses, both small and large. While many may be on the fence about producing a professionally produced quality video, as opposed to a ‘homemade’ video, (and that’s an entirely different write up for another day) let’s talk about why you need a video for your small or large business.

6 Reasons Why Your Tri-Cities Business Needs Video:

1. Your clients want it. The majority of your clients/customers want to see it. All the stats that I find back this up , and the bottom line is, if you don’t do it, your competition will.

2. You can show more content in less time. It takes less time to show someone what you want them to see, rather than write it up, and ‘hope’ they read it, and get the message you are trying to convey. Keep in mind though… “45% of viewers will stop watching a video after 1 minute and 60% by 2 minutes. You don’t have a lot of time to make your point, so plan each second carefully. Every moment in your video should have a purpose.”

3. Your brand. Your image needs this. Video has the potential to grab at the heart of your customers, which is a place a simple write up blog post can’t even begin to touch. Video has the emotional capability to engage and capture your customers attention.

4. Website Quality. Adding video to your website will not only make your website stand out, it will actually rank your website better in search engines than those that don’t. … “pages with video are 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results” says Forrester study. Especially if those videos are informational videos. Having this added bump in traffic will increase your website quality which in return gives you the authority you need for those pesky search engines.

5. Multipurpose use. Video can and will be shared across a variety of mediums, from your website, emails and all the various social media networks out there today. If you tell a great story using video, that story can quickly be shared to multiple people through a variety of online facets.

6. Show your human side. Letting your customers see that you are real, gives them a connection that can’t be faked. Being relatable in everything you do will allow for the emotional connection to engage with your customers, through your storytelling and creating memories for your current customers.

There are several best practices to keep in mind when you are in the process of including video for your Tri-Cities business. Two of which we have seen play a huge role in helping your video in search engine results page.

2 Reasons To Help Your Video in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page):

-Keep Your Video Short- Our recommendation is about 3 minutes (max), where video views typically falter after about 4min.

-Consider transcribing your script- This can and likely will help spiders crawl your content for relevance to the topic.

Including Video in your Tri-Cities Business is an important strategy for your business.

Your story being ‘shown’ to your customers through video is vital for your potential growth. The message that you bring will almost always grab the attention of your customers emotional connection which will humanize your brand to accurately reach your audience.

What do you think? Are you using video in your business? What results have you seen?

Share with us in the comments.

So You Want To Hire a Tri cities Videographer

Hire Tri Cities Videographer

Hire a Tri cities Videographer / Editor

Looking for video services but not sure what to do or even where to start, or even what to expect? Don’t sweat it. We’re gonna lay it out for you, in what you can expect, when you hire a Tri cities Videographer / Editor.

Typically how we like to start our prospects with is to set up a meeting. Whether this be at a coffee shop, at your place of business, or over the phone. During the chat we have a check list and take notes. We want to deliver you with the best product for the best price. The more we know, the better we can tell you exactly the costs behind an amazing video.

The cost of production depends on a variety of requirements for your particular needs: duration, location, voice over or presenter, actors, videography, titles, graphics, script, animations, music,
format, delivery, distribution, production design, audio design, packaging design, etc.

Below we have outlined 4 distinct steps we take in creating your video, and for what to prepare for when you hire us as your Tri Cities Videographer.

[dropcap style=”no-background”] 4 [/dropcap] STEPS TO CREATING YOUR VIDEO:


STEP 1 Consultation:

It’s important to know what your objectives for the video are. In a 1 hour FREE* consultation we will sit down and examine your video idea and see what we need to pull it all together. There are many types of video: advertisements, documentaries, testimonials, etc. and many ways to treat the production such as comedy, drama, music. After our initial meeting we will provide a time limited quote that encompasses a variety of price options based on the consultation within 48 hours.

STEP 2 Pre-Production:

When you give us the green light we schedule the project and gather all the assets needed, such as scripts, talent, music, locations and produce storyboards. At that time you will be required to pay 50% of the agreed upon production price, sign an agreement outlining what both parties will be responsible for, and when. (**you pay 100% of all the production assets.)

STEP 3 Production:

We begin shooting, editing, and produce drafts. Throughout this process we will continue communication with you to ensure the project objectives are met.

STEP 4 Enjoy your video:

Final payment and then delivery of the final product video.

[infobox style=”alert-info”]


*As long as we are meeting within 25 miles of the Tri cities, we will gladly meet you. Otherwise the 1 hour Free consultation will occur over the phone or via email. Also, consultations requiring more than an hour are subject to charge.

**Sometimes people want to use copyright materials in their production (i.e. music, photos). The right to use those material assets, location fees etc. must be secured before production can begin. Essentially you pay for the production asset and/or the expenses involved in the collection of the asset.