Separating Eternity Productions was born out of a love for video and music. Starting in late 2010 as just an idea of using some talents and passions to build a personal brand, Aaron Piper set out on a mission to bring video back to the underground. Some background…in the late 90’s Aaron was involved in producing, directing and editing several different music video shows in the Virginia Beach area of Virginia. What was born was a couple of acclaimed music videos, and a discovered talent for video production. Fast forward to the present…and skip through a decade of soul searching and what you have is Separating Eternity.  Armed with new equipment and new passion…not to mention a wife who has jumped in head first to this venture…Aaron has resurrected his talent and passion…and so begins the journey of Separating Eternity…

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Film and music…without it, life seems empty. From a very early age, you could find Aaron Piper firmly engrossed in both. Whether it was listening to cassette tapes until they wore out on his Walkman (Google it young ones) or hanging with his Film School Professor father on the sets of student film productions, the art of picture and sound has always been strong with this one.

Since 1998 Aaron has been doing media production professionally. Getting his start as director of one music video show, and then branching off to produce/host his own, he was able to bring the best of both of his passions together. In the midst of the chaos of being a teenager and trying to find instant success, Aaron learned he had a real eye for film production. “The technique and flow just seemed to come naturally. It went from trying to learn the tools, to being confident enough to focus on telling the story. As a filmmaker that is the heart of who we are…storytellers.”

In 2012, Aaron and his wife Anya started Separating Eternity Productions. This was their dream and vision of bringing great storytelling to the Tri-Cities and beyond. Their personalized brand seeks to work with businesses and artists to help tell their story to the world. Having produced for local clients including the Tri-City Americans hockey team and the Tri-City Fever arena football team has given Piper and his company a more noticeable brand in the community and has continued to open doors to work with great clients.

Aaron is a lover of Pacific Northwest life including the great coffee and beer that can be found almost anywhere here. You’ll still usually find him with a pair of headphones on listening to whatever music his mood calls for at the moment. He loves, and we mean LOVES hockey. He is a student of the history and culture of the game. From September through June, he spends way too much time watching any and all hockey that he can. He is an Apple user…period. He loves sushi. He is a pretty good cook. His wife and kids mean more than anything to him. He lives with his wife of 13 years and their 5 children in Richland, WA. [/toggle]
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Anya Piper

I have developed an amazing love for quiet. I don’t often get it, but absolutely adore the sound.

I currently reside in Richland, Wa located in the Tricities. I am a graduate from Full Sail University receiving my Bachelors of Science in Internet Marketing. I am a firm believer in supporting your local community and am at present working alongside my pretty awesome and sexy husband on our business venture at Separating Eternity Productions (a full service video production and marketing company) that works with local artist’s, musicians and comedians in the TriCities.

I am a rebel, a music lover, a Sushi fanatic, a Coffee extrodinare, and an avid Social Media Enthusiast. And that is just to name a few. I also love to sleep, read and hang out with my overly large family (of seven) as often as I can. My favorite movie is tied between Saving Private Ryan and The Patriot (yep, a sucker for those war movies) and absolutely LOVE playing Call of Duty Zombies with my husband and children (when I allow)! However, I have recently been succumbed to that stupid Two Dots game, damn it all.

On the *Internets* you’ll see a lot of people claim to know the best way to market your business online, ect. ect., and I can promise you I will never say that, because each brand is different, each market is different, it’s all about learning to reach YOUR audience, and that comes through trial and error. I may not know everything but I do have a passion to see brands in their success with developing and maintaining their online presence through their Website and Social Media presence. Not to mention that I have developed a knack for seeing brands succeed. [/toggle]

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