Post Production, The Good Stuff

Video Post Production

Ok, so we’ve prepped, and we’ve painted…sort of. Now it’s time to tie it all together. This is where it gets REALLY interesting. Now we finish the trim, pull down the tape, hang up the pictures…and completely hate the color and start over.

Ok, that last one doesn’t happen all that often, but it is a possibility in any project. Just some forewarning.

In many ways post-production is much more tedious than pre-production…and it is almost ALWAYS the most time intensive part of the process. It is nothing for a feature film to spend 3 – 6 months in production and then spend 18 – 24 months in post-production. Granted, most of the projects you are probably considering are going to be on a much smaller scale. But it is not unheard of for a project to take a day, maybe two to film, and then take a month to get everything right in post-production.

During Post Your Story Gets Told

What you should be looking for here is attention to detail. There are ways to speed up the process without losing quality…but if you aren’t familiar with those ways, don’t risk it. In post, the story should be told as seamlessly as possible. Editing needs to be done in a way that makes the eye and the mind believe what it is seeing and deciphering. You may have captured a shot that really looks good to you. Before it is added to the final product, however, you need to ask the question, “Does this fit? Does it take away from the flow of the project? While it may visually look good, does it really work? Don’t be afraid to leave things on the “cutting room floor.”

Don’t Rush

Bottom line is this…don’t rush post-production. Pay attention to the details. Make sure it is right, before you call it “done.” A picture that is hastily placed on a freshly painted wall takes away from the hard work you did to paint the wall in the first place. Place your “pictures” in your video project with purpose and your story will come across much more clearly.

Thanks for reading over this really high overview of the processes involved with producing a video. We’ll get more in-depth in the future, but for now, cheers to great storytelling!

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