Video Production and All That

Video Production, Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Last time we talked about pre-production…the art of preparing if you will. The biggest takeaway I wanted to share with you was to make sure you spend the necessary time preparing…it can save you from headaches and missed opportunities.

Now we look at the part of the process that a lot of people really have fun with…production. This is where the rubber meets the road…where the project starts to come alive…where the fruits of your labor in pre-production start to take off! Production can be an exhilarating experience filled with long days, long nights, lots of coffee, yelling, arguing, frustration, crying, broken equipment, forgotten equipment, missed shots…oh and maybe some material you can use for your final cut. I know, I know, I am painting a morbid picture here.

Putting The Video Together

The fact is I want to prepare you for the simple fact that production is not the glamorous Hollywood backlot process that lots of us want to imagine it to be. It’s work. But it can really be a fun and exciting part of the process if you know what to expect. So quite simply, expect the unexpected.

Production is all about being prepared and being flexible at the same time. Think back to the last email we sent…it was all about preparing to paint that bare wall. Well what happens when you put on the first coat and you hate the color? Do you give up? No, you try again until you get what you’re looking for. The same holds true in production. There are going to be times when the shots you planned aren’t exactly what you were looking for.

Be Flexible During Production

So take a minute and plan out a new one. Again…be flexible. Equipment may malfunction, your help may not show up, maybe it rains…be flexible. Contingency plans will help and working with people with experience and a level-headed approach will save your sanity in most situations. And remember…have fun. Enjoy the process. Your creating something…that in and of itself is such a cool thing.

Have fun painting and make sure you are happy with the “color” before moving on to the next step.

Speaking of next steps…our next post will talk about the final phase, post-production. Looking forward to sharing our thoughts with you.

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