Tri-Cities Videographer Services

In short a Videographer refers to the process of capturing moving images on electronic media . Here at Separating Eternity, we pride ourselves in obtaining the best shots for your video. As a Videographer, creativity, originality and imagination are integral to securing the best quality, for your video needs.

We are a full service video production company and as a Videographer we take the responsibility to include:

  • What camera equipment is necessary for each video shoot.
  • Transport, set up and operate various production equipment such as cameras, audio and video recorders, lighting equipment, props, and microphones for each specific location or studio production.
  • Operate and maintain correct levels and calibration of cameras, audio and video recorders as well as other various camera equipment.
  • Collect b-roll footage of the venue, during event, etc.

All of these criteria for a Videographer are established for each video produced for every client.

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