Your Video Just Might Suck

Your Video Just Might Suck

All too often we here the banter, “Oh I can just create a video with my iPhone.” Or even, I have an old camera, “I can set up and do my business’ About Us video.” I think a little bit of me dies inside every time I hear that, “I can create my own video, it’s easy”. In reality, it’s not that easy, or everyone would be a Videographer, and making crap for money.

As much as you may want to believe that you can easily create your own video, and yes at the end of the day, most people do have the capability of pressing the record button on a video camera, creating a video requires much, much more than pressing record, and hitting the upload button.

Here are 7 Reasons why your video probably sucks:


    • You Made It Too Long You’re in love with your content…and you want to make sure your audience sees ALL of it. Problem is, your audience could care less. Shorter is better. In an online viewing experience, anything over 3 minutes is a death sentence for that video. 30 seconds…that’s typically what you have to capture someone’s attention. Analytics show that after the 30 second mark, viewership drops drastically. If it’s longer than 3 minutes and not made for a very specific audience, the viewer is long gone. Keep it short.


    • Your Script Is Just Too Boring / Content Unorganized Ever had a conversation with someone who rambles or who jumps from one thought to another without completing the previous one? Not fun is it? It usually leaves you thinking, “What the hell just happened?” The same holds true for your video. Tell a story, keep their attention, write a quick script/outline to follow. Convey your message clearly.


    • Your Audio Is Crap Amateur Audio The microphone on your camera is designed to capture everything in front of it in every situation. That includes sounds from the kitchen, the dog barking next door, and the voice of your subject bouncing off of every untreated wall in that hollow empty room you are filming in. It is not a professional microphone. It does not capture professionally. Use a professional audio setup…your audience will forgive some bad footage…bad audio is another story.


    • You Are Using Copyrighted Material Just because it pops up in a Google search does not mean it is free for you to redistribute it in your video. Learn at least a basic understanding of internet copyright laws. It may save you lots of money in future legal fees.


    • You Don’t Have A Call To Action How do I buy what your selling?” “Where do I sign up?” “Do you have a website where I can get more information?” Figure out what reaction you want your audience to have and call them to it.


    • Handheld Footage Shaky footage looks amateur…period. I know Hollywood is all about the “handheld” look but that doesn’t mean they just carry around a camera and film. It is a very systematic, coordinated effort to give it that look. Holding up your iPhone to film isn’t going to give you that same look. Use a stabilizer…any stabilizer.


    • No Movement After about :30 seconds of looking at the same shot, the human eye gets bored. Zoom in, change angles, cut in some b-roll footage. Do something to keep it “moving” visually.

So tell us, why does your video suck? or does it?

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